Making our way to Mars:
A Celebration of the Perseverance Mission

An event series that offers unique opportunities for educators, students and families intended to ignite interest in STEM among a new generation of explorers! These multi-faceted sessions will include chances to connect with former NASA astronauts, JPL scientists leading the mission, as well as leading scientists in the planetary and robotics fields.


USRA's STEMaction Center is working to strengthen the workforce of the future and ensure young people's talents from low-income and minority families are developed.

We achieve this goal by offering engaging and enriching opportunities that bolster interest and knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through space learnings.  

Our unique portfolio excites and teaches students, educators and the community through immersive offerings that inspire and provide the right skills needed to employ the next generation. 


Our programs are made possible through the generous financial contributions and sponsorship opportunities from individuals, foundations, and corporations. Their support ensures that all students have access to our educational opportunities.

The USRA's STEMaction Center operates within Universities Space Research Association (USRA), a non-profit organization that works to advance space science research.