Cubes in Space: Returning to USRA

Cubes in Space

Cubes in Space in a unique program that allows students to design their own experiments, then apply to have them flown into space or a near-space environment on a NASA Sounding Rocket or Research Balloon.  USRA STEMaction is offering a Cubes in Space workshop for 9-11th grade students on July 31, 2019.  This workshop will focus on 3D printing and materials stability.  During this particular experience, participants will work alongside a cohort of visiting students from China who will also be participating in the workshop on site in the USRA STEMaction Center.  


Instruction will be delivered by Cubes in Space parent organization, iDoodle Learning, in conjunction with staff from USRA STEMaction.  During the Cubes in Space experience, students will create prototypes before packing them up for launch!  After experiments have launched, there may be an opportunity for students to have their experiments returned post-flight! 


All materials and lunch are provided, transportation to/from the event is the responsibility of the participants.  

All participants will be asked to submit a consent and release/liability waiver in order to participate.  

Registration is required.