R.O.A.D.S on Mars

ROADS on Mars

ROADS on Mars is suspended in all regions for the current season.  Please check for updates at the NWESSP Website.  https://nwessp.org/

The R.O.A.D.S on Mars Challenge is an immersive opportunity for students grades 3-12 to form teams, and tackle some of the many engineering and programming challenges faced by real NASA mission teams.This program seeks to increase student interest in STEM pathways and careers, particularly in underserved communities unexposed to similar interactive opportunities. 


Utilizing LEGO Mindstorms Robots and Drones, student teams will be faced with the challenge of creating a full mission plan for a rover landing on Mars. This challenge includes Researching analog environments on earth, Designing a drone delivery system to orbit Mars and deliver the payload, and lastly, Programming & Operating the rover to traverse, and complete various objectives including collecting and delivering samples while navigating obstacles on this martian surface!


Five select members will then get represent their team in a Regional Challenge Event and could earn a trip to watch the Mars 2020 rover launch at Kennedy Space Center!

If you're to join the challenge, you can register your team here. 

To find out more about this program visit www.nwessp.org/mars