Astronomy Program Series

Astronomy Program Series

Get ready for an amazing adventure!


Our virtual Astronomy Program Series will focus on NASA Missions. We will start with Earth-based projects then work outward to deep space. Students will participate in engaging presentations delivered by esteemed scientists representing industry, academia, and government. We will supply each participant with a project kit for them to participate in daily hands-on activities. We will ensure students participating have access to computers and hotspots. Students will receive information relating to careers in the space science industry and have opportunities to hear about the career pathways from our special guests. At the conclusion of the program, each student will receive a commemorative t-shirt and a certificate of completion.


Topic 1: Atmospheric and Earth Science: Students learn how scientists are studying our planet through satellite observation. Activities include modeling of Earth’s planetary structure and demonstrations of atmospheric observations.

Topic 2: Lunar Exploration: Students focus on the moon and examine the Apollo and upcoming Artemis missions. Activities include content from NASA’s “Exploring the Moon” and creations of the lunar surface using modeling materials.

Topic 3: Solar Weather and Heliophysics: Students create solar viewers and explore the effects of electromagnetic radiation and solar weather on modern technology. 

Topic 4: Planetary Science: Scientists share their exciting discoveries and applications of planetary science. Students revisit their lunar modeling activity and recreate planetary surfaces and structures.

Topic 5: Deep Space/Astronomy: Students hear about the SOFIA project and James Webb Space Telescope. They explore the evolution of space science missions and virtually visit the Telescope Operations Lab.


Our approach to the Astronomy Program Series differentiates from our other STEM offerings and those in the area because of our ability to tap into our own expertise of developing new technologies, advancing knowledge through space research, and employing people in the business of space science. The program is organized around themes that integrates research, people, technology, and a variety of methods and materials to show real world applications. Our goal is to ensure we are making a difference for our students, their families, and our communities.



Presenting Sponsors 
$15,000 (US$) each
Two available
(US tax-deductible value = $15,000)

Stewardship opportunities provided include name or logo on marketing materials and event website, logo prominently displayed on commemorative camp t-shirt provided to students, logo on the project kits provided to students, opportunity for volunteer to offer remarks at opening and/or closing, opportunity for volunteer to participate in one of the days sessions, and recognition on USRA social channels.

Program Sponsors
$5,000 (US$) each
Four available
(US tax-deductible value = $5,000)

Please contact Michele Hoffman for more information.